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Net and pucks not included.  


Strikeforce Targets is the ultimate target system designed to enhance a player’s accuracy and speed of their shot. This target system is made from heavy-duty steel and can withstand the punishment of thousands of shots. Strikeforce Targets is for all ages and skill sets.


When struck, the target retracts up and locks into place. Once all targets are locked up, hit the 5-hole position reset target. This automatically releases all targets and the system is ready for the next round allowing for a continuous training experience.


This system comes with (6) five-inch retractable targets.


  • Fits most regulation nets 72in x 48in x 30in, 1.5in-3in pipe
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Folding design for easy travel
  • Attaches to net with velcro straps for easy set-up
  • (6) retractable 5" targets with hardware 
  • Automatic reset target located in the 5-hole position
  • Net and pucks not included
  • 3" target plates sold separately

Strikeforce Targets X6 Pro System


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